Auto Insurance Rebates Due To Coronavirus Shelter-At-Home

Auto Insurers are giving back due to decreased driving from Coronavirus Shelter-at-Home orders


As the coronavirus has changed daily life for nearly all Americans, essential or non-essential. An unintended consequence is with fewer drivers on the road and decreased miles driven, which means fewer accidents for Auto Insurance companies to pay claims for.

In response this week many insurance companies are announcing rebates to their customers across the board to share that savings and offer some financial relief during this unexpected pandemic. They do still need to submit and get approval from the Department of Insurance that regulates each state before the rebates can go out. As of now the companies that have announced rebates are: Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Progressive, Kemper, Stillwater, MetLife, Nationwide, Hartford, Mercury, Allstate/Encompass, Farmers, State Farm, and Geico. (Below are links to their respective information pages)

How Much Are You Getting Back?

At this point, most companies are giving a 15% credit on your monthly premium for April and May. Ex. If your pay $100 per month for auto insurance, you would receive a credit or refund of $30.

If your insurance company is taking part in these rebates/credits, there is likely nothing you need to do. Most companies will automatically send you a check for the discount or credit your bill without you needing to contact them.

If You Need More Assistance With Your Payments

With increasing job losses and decreasing incomes, insurance companies are stepping up to adjust payment and billing deadlines. If you are in need of this assistance, contact the billing department directly for your insurance carrier to discuss your options.


For More Information Companies Offering Rebates/Credits:

Safeco/Liberty Mutual: Customer Relief Fund

Travelers: Stay-at-Home Auto Premium Credit Program

Progressive: Personal auto premium credit

Nationwide: Auto Rapid Relief Refund

Kemper: Premium Relief

MetLife: Premium Relief 

Stillwater: Premium Credit

Hartford: Personal Auto Payback Plan

American Family: Coronavirus

USAA: Return to Members

Allstate: Shelter-In-Place Payback

Geico: Coronavirus

Mercury: Mercury Giveback Program

State Farm: Good Neighbor Relief

Farmers: Covid-19


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